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Book Overview

Romans 10:17 informs us that faith comes when we read and meditate on the Word of God. That means the Word of God has life-giving power that produces faith in the heart of born-again believers. But how does that happen? God’s Word is living and powerful. It contains seeds programmed to prosper and produce fruit. When sown in the heart, each seed reproduces itself and yields the spiritual fruit of faith.


In Word Seeds that Produce Faith and Remove Fear, Doubt, and Unbelief, author Dr. Brenda F. Graham provides a comprehensive look at how the Word of God plants seeds in the heart to produce faith. It presents an overview of:


  • the power of the word of God in creation and the manifestation of Jesus Christ as the “Word” through a discussion of fear, doubt, and unbelief, and how they can be overcome;
  • the importance of meditation and prayer in developing strong faith with examples of ways to meditate;
  • the names of God, including His attributes and characteristics;
  • God’s plan of salvation with a review of the various terms included in the salvation process.


This guide takes you on a spiritual journey toward wholeness, helping you uncover and embody principles of faith essential for spiritual growth. You learn how to put faith into action through the full meaning of Word Seeds.

Dr. Brenda F. Graham

Dr. Brenda F. Graham is founder and executive director of Word Seed Ministries Inc, Melrose Park, Illinois, a nonprofit international organization that serves as an intermediary dedicated to strengthening and expanding the capacity of faith-based and community organizations. Graham is also a business owner, ordained minister, author, Bible teacher, strategic planner, international Bible teacher, radio speaker, retired professor of school administration, and a retired superintendent K-12 schools.